The project management request form allows potential and existing customers to submit any inquiries about this service. When filling out the form, complete each section marked with an asterisk (*). These questions are required, and the form cannot be submitted if they are left blank. Please provide as much as information for the non-required fields as possible. This will help process your request appropriately.

Follow these tips to correctly answer each question in the request form.

Form Field Details
Project Name Enter the name of your project.
Agency Select your agency from the drop-down list.
Division Enter the name of your division.
Project Sponsor Enter the name of the sponsor for your project. This will be the executive, director or manager who is the key decision maker for the project.
Business Point of Contact Enter the name of the point of contact from your business. This is the key person who leads the day-to-day project activities and assembles the project team.
Business Relationship Manager Enter the name of the business relationship manager for your agency.
EPMO Project Management Advisor If know your business relationship manager, enter their name.
Start Date Enter the preferred start date for your project.
Legislative Mandate Select "yes" if your project is driven by legislation.
Legislative Mandate Specifics If you selected "yes" to the legislative mandate question, describe the law or the specifics of the bill.
Business Need Briefly describe your business need. Explain why you are doing this project. Indicate whether this project may be replacing a legacy system or is a brand-new functionality for your business.
Project Dependencies List other projects, budget constraints, contracts or resources that could impact the project.
Cost Range Select the appropriate cost range based on the knowledge you have at this time.
Project Budget Indicate whether the project budget is identified and secured.
Project Management Services Indicate whether project management services were considered in the project budget.
Recurring Budget Indicate whether your agency or division has a budget for ongoing maintenance and operations costs, which may include software licenses, subscription fees and resources.
Business Analyst Indicate whether you have had a business analyst working with the business, and if so, enter that person’s name.
Procurement Indicate whether procurement will be required for this project. This could include an invitation for bid, request for quote, request for information or request for proposals.
Status This is an administrative field for the N.C. Department of Information Technology Project Management Office.
Attachments If you have documentation that may be of value to help explain the business need or describe the project scope, requirements or budget, share them using the "Add Attachments."