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"A quick shout-out and thank you for the SQS team and the ALM testing shared service that was enabled for CMS (Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools). CMS is on a multiyear transformation to modernize our HR, finance, and operational processes using Oracle Cloud. We were in desperate need of a more robust testing platform as our SharePoint site left much to be desired, including the inability to track progress, defects, and requirement traceability.

"We looked at purchasing multiple solutions that were cost prohibitive before getting introduced to the SQS team. The SQS team presented a very compelling solution and was absolutely fantastic in supporting our setup and transition to ALM. We've already seen tremendous benefits from the service. I've passed on our positive feedback to other districts and would welcome the opportunity to speak with more.

"It's fantastic that the SQS team has implemented a tier 1, best practice testing solution that can be leveraged across the state. This is a great example of effectively using our limited state resources to generate economy of scale, and I'm hopeful we can see similar solutions in the future."

Bill Onisick 
Modernization Program Executive
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

"The SQS team was instrumental in creating a defect tracking capability for the Southeast Consortium for Unemployment Benefits system. The SQS team worked very closely with DES staff to customize an HP ALM instance for our use and has been a close partner throughout the past year of operation." 

Ralph Graw
IT manager/SCUBI production support

"I continue to find [the SQS staff] to be hard working, accommodating of the needs of the project and staff and delightful to work with. I wanted to take this opportunity to acknowledge their great work. We are at a critical point with the Crossroads project, and it is very important to keep to our schedule. [The Q&S staff] helped us to do just that."

Josephine Cialone
MS, RD, Head
Nutrition Services Branch
N.C. Division of Public Health

"The SQS team came on board the ENCORE project when the project needed an experienced SME to lead the SQA team. Their ability to lead and work with business users and the project team to understand the solution and the vendor to address all testing related issues and concerns has helped the project be on track and has demonstrated their ability to successfully manage SQA teams’ needs on big and complex projects. I am confident that other members of the SQA team look up to SQS Services as a mentor and are learning a lot from working with them.

"We were able to meet our milestones and goals because the SQS team went the extra mile to ensure SQA tasks and ownerships were clearly outlined, communicated and that the progress was very timely and effectively monitored.

"The way the SQS team has protected the state’s interests while communicating with the vendor’s SQA team without buckling under pressure is remarkable. Thank you for doing a wonderful job on ensuring that the vendor adheres to quality and the timely delivery of all SQA artifacts and documents."

Bhanu Das, MS, MBA
Manager, Strategic Initiatives

"The SQS team has been a lifesaver to ABCMS project in their efforts to test the many scenarios for the converted data, identifying over 100 defects for remediation.  We could not have made it to the “finish-line” without the SQS team’s services."

Laura B. Simkow
Senior IT project manager

"I have used the NCDIT testing team to support my projects many times over the years. Tulasi Maddi has always been amazing. She has a very skilled team. Tulasi is dependable, brilliant and well versed in QA. Projects would be much less successful without Tulasi and her team. I would say that she provides a critical service to the state, and she does it well."

Carla Thorpe
Senior portfolio manager
Information Technology Division

"I worked with the SQS testing services team on automation for the DPS mobile application on a tablet, and my experience was very pleasant. They were very knowledgeable in mobile test automation, were willing to share their knowledge and eager to learn new stuff. Their continuous support and guidance helped us reach a milestone in the project."

Raji Chaganty
Appl systems analyst
NCDIT-Public Safety

“I wanted to send you this letter to inform you that SQS services team has been a delight to work with over the past three-plus years. The SQS team's devotion and their ability to consistently provide load tests to the NCID team for our development and preproduction environments is paramount. The SQS Team has been flexible, hardworking and made it seamless for the NCID when the load testing platform went to the cloud."

Justin Schneider

"Thank you so much to the SQS testing services team for offering to help us with the CA Tool and systemware performance issues. The Q&S testing services team’s performance engineering skillset, along with their scripting and long dedicated hours of coordination with our teams, has helped resolve issues, leading to a successful wrap up of performance testing. We see that involving SQS testing services team’s expertise in projects could help fine tune the system prior to production."

Veena Shanmugham
Interim manager
Database & Middleware Services

"As we approach the end of the performance test of NCxcloud, I would like to thank the SQS testing services team for the great service provided throughout this process. This team worked long hours with extreme dedication, being able to easily adapt as the process of testing evolved. We could not have achieved success without them.

"The SQS testing services team was a late addition to the process, but they were an invaluable and their expertise, guidance and dedication was critical to our success. The best part is not only they are great professionals on their field, but great team players and a pleasure to work with. I hope in the near future we have another opportunity to work together again."

Carlos Souza
Business and technology application specialist

"I want to thank the SQS testing services team. Their contributions have been invaluable in analyzing and identifying critical elements of performance of the Systemware Content Cloud. The business team and I agree that the SQS testing services team should be included in all our projects going forward."

Jennifer Williamson
Project manager

"[The SQS staff] went above and beyond the call of duty. …  [They] really did good work and gave us meaningful results testing our old vs. new database hosting platform for the IBIS project.”

Andy Whalen
Deputy chief information officer

"I appreciate SQS testing services' contribution to the Legacy SEIMS enhancement processes — everything from reviewing software requirement specifications documents to providing test plans and cases and, most importantly, conducting user acceptance testing (UAT). I look forward to working with SQS testing services team in refining our UAT efforts as we continue to grow as an agency."

Lisa Berot
Special projects manager

"Implementation of the Online Voter Registration Application (OVA) was a monumental project for both N.C. DMV and the State Board of Elections. The SQS testing services team was very instrumental in the development and implementation of testing the application between both agencies. This portion of the project spanned over weeks, with a few test sessions. Information was easily conveyed with standards of professionalism. The SQS testing services team’s knowledge of the election software, intertwined with team’s testing skills, made the task easier to accomplish successfully. With the SQS testing services team’s help and lead, we were able to develop what should be tested, identify potential problems and predict different variables."

Kori House,
Voter registration program specialist