Save more on your testing investment and cost of quality by using our Software Quality, Security & Testing Shared Services Model:

  • Subscribing customers can access and leverage a “best in class” SQS software solution as a shared service utility without having to fund the significant up-front investment to acquire deploy a comparable in-house solution.
  • Subscribing customers have on-demand access to SQS subject matter expert resources, methods, techniques and best practices when needed.
  • Subscribing customers can achieve significant economies of scale associated with a shared service approach, which yields a low cost of use.
  • Low-cost access to this testing technology will encourage and support SQS tasks within agency software development life cycles, which will ultimately produce better-performing applications that also meet functional expectations. This, in turn, leads to improved end-user satisfaction and lower costs for IT application development, maintenance and support.

Example Testing Investment & ROI Analysis

Project Stage Service No Formal Testing Manual Testing Automated Testing
Testing     Staff $0 $60,000 $60,000
Infrastructure $0 $10,000 $10,000
Tools $0 $0 $12,500
Total Investment $0 $70,000 $82,500
Development  Fix Bugs Found (Count) 250 250 250
Fix Cost (Internal Failure - $10 Per Ticket) $2,500 $2,500 $2,500
Testing  Fix Bugs Found (Count) 0 350 500
Fix Cost (Internal Failure - $100 Per Ticket) $0 $35,000 $50,000
Customer Support  Fix Bugs Found (Count) 750 400 250
Fix Cost (Internal Failure - $1,00 Per Ticket - Unacceptable Defects Identified by NCDIT and Repaired Over Life of Release) $750,000 $400,000 $250,000
Total Cost of Quality - $752,500 $507,500 $385,000
Decrease in Cost of Quality - N/A $245,000 $367,500
Return on Investment (ROI) - N/A 350% 445%
Customer Feedback - BAD! MAD! OK! Not Bad! GOOD!
Notes - - Testers found almost half the defects that customers would have found. It is a process improvement, and customers are happier.

More defects found at the testing phase. It is a big improvement over initial situation. Customers are much happier with the more thoroughly tested system.