NCDIT's comprehensive application performance and security monitoring solution is Dynatrace. Powered by artificial intelligence, Dynatrace learns how your application environment performs across your infrastructure.

Dynatrace Security monitoring helps detect, visualize, analyze, monitor and remediate open source and third-party vulnerabilities in environments. Dynatrace has flexibility in using licenses for full-stack monitoring, automated instrumentation, APM and byte code injections, or just for infrastructure performance monitoring with included virtualization layer.

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The Dynatrace Software Intelligence platform uses AI to provide:

  • Infrastructure monitoring
  • Applications and microservices monitoring
  • Application security monitoring
  • Digital experience monitoring
  • Real user monitoring
  • Business analytics
  • IT operations (AIOps) 
  • Cloud automation capabilities

Features & Benefits


  • OneAgent for automated data collection
  • Smartscape for continuously updated topology mapping and visualization
  • PurePath for code-level distributed tracing
  • Davis, a proprietary AI engine, for automatic root-cause fault-free analysis
  • Runtime Vulnerability Analytics, powered by Davis AI engine, monitors changes in environments, such as container dynamics, elastic scaling, multi-version deployments and rollbacks, and provides precise answers about the nature and source of vulnerabilities
  • Runtime Application Protection
  • Automatically detects and remediate vulnerabilities
  • Full coverage across production rollbacks and outdated release, feature flags and deployment patterns
  • Precise and automatic risk and impact assessment with risks prioritized by data access path and actual production execution


  • Gather application and infrastructure requirements
  • Solution proof of concept – host and execution
  • Onboard, setup and training of monitoring solutions identified
  • Client requirements customization and configuration (including dashboards)
  • Troubleshoot and pinpoint performance bottleneck using Dynatrace (application performance monitoring)
  • Access to knowledge library through Teams channel, documentation and community practice sessions

Technical Information

Key Capabilities

  • Real user monitoring analyzes the performance of all user interactions with applications.
  • Monitoring the user experience of mobile apps is fundamentally different from monitoring browser-based web applications.
  • Synthetic monitors review app availability and performance and send alters when they fail based on your thresholds.
  • Server-side service monitoring indicates which applications and services interact and receive service calls.
  • Infrastructure monitoring includes hosts, processes and networks. 
  • Cloud and virtual machine monitoring covers the entire stack, including private, public and hybrid cloud environments.
  • Container monitoring seamlessly integrates with existing Docker environments and automatically monitors containerized applications and services.
  • An artificial intelligence engine performs root-cause analysis. It continuously monitors applications, services and infrastructure to learn their baseline performance metrics and dependencies.
  • Dashboards and reports give quick, focused access to monitoring data.
  • Out-of-the-box integrations push problem notifications to third-party messaging or incident-management systems (e.g., ServiceNow, Jira, Slack)
  • Runtime vulnerability analytics 
  • Runtime application protection
  • Check the health of systems by verifying, in real time, parameters such as CPU, memory, disk space and network usage
  • Track performance issues by using custom thresholds and get to the details of the cause programmatically
  • Prevent problems before they have a tangible impact on customer operations
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