IT Service Management

IT Service Management (ITSM) consists of software and services that make it easier for you to manage and track IT incidents and service requests related to desktop support, application assistance and more.

ITSM delivers services through ServiceNow – a suite of cloud-based service desk software applications that enable your agency to support customers and lines of business more efficiently. Gartner and other evaluators consistently rate ServiceNow as a leader in ITSM.

Compliant with Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) standards, ServiceNow is reliable, scalable and secure. It is also highly affordable because – unlike costly in-house solutions – customers can split the cost of staffing, licensing and support among a large group. 

NCDIT’s purchase contract provides a substantial discount that is passed on to customers.

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Getting Help

Support Get Technical Support
NCDIT Service Desk: 919-754-6000
Support Hours 24/7
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For additional information, see the Technical Information section on this page.

Feature Service Offering Level Details
Web-Based Service Portal Basic Your support information is available anywhere and anytime when you have access to the internet.
Integrated Dashboards & Reporting Basic Information and service data are convenient to access and analyze with pre-defined dashboards and reports.
Incident Management Basic
  • Track and manage incidents that disrupt your customers' operations. 
  • Oversee the entire incident management process with ServiceNow to restore services to customers as quickly as possible.
  • With the help of machine-learning, incidents are automatically assigned to the correct resolution group. 
  • Stakeholders can come together quickly to investigate issues and restore services by using the major Incident Management portal.
Service Request Management Basic
  • Assists you in managing software- and hardware-related services.
  • Makes it convenient for employees to interact with IT and other shared service groups using any device, 24/7. 
  • Provides self-help capabilities for employees to request items or services, collaborate and receive automated status updates to ensure their expectations are being met. 
  • Makes it easier for you and your staff to more easily focus on business impact activities with the ability to prioritize incidents and service requests.
Change Management Advanced
  • Is completely integrated with ServiceNow’s Incident Management and Service Request Management applications. This lets you easily track both scheduled and planned infrastructure changes, as well as the approval process.
  • Lets you minimize risk and errors because its process management and planning functionalities help you improve the way changes are implemented with speed and consistency. 

Knowledge Management


  • Increase employee self-service and boost agent productivity by using contextual knowledge, driven by machine learning. 
  • Share, manage and use knowledge from across your organization, and make it readily available for shared or private use by employees.


  • Increase employee self-service and boost agent productivity by using contextual knowledge, driven by machine learning. 
  • Share, manage and use knowledge from across your organization, and make it readily available for shared or private use by employees.

Request Process

To request this service, or for more information, submit a ticket using the NCDIT Service Portal.


  • Service requests that incur a cost to the agency will typically require approval from the requesting agency’s CIO, financial officer or manager, depending upon your agency's requirements. 
  • Any staff with access to the NCDIT Service Portal may engage the team for support or information.

Requirements & Customer Responsibility

Required NCDIT Services N.C. Identity Management (NCID)
Other Technical Requirements & Prerequisites None
Customer Responsibility
  • Agency staff are required to submit a ticket using the NCDIT Service Portal for additional support or information regarding this service. 
  • The staff and agency receiving services are also responsible for:
    • Designating a local resource as the primary and secondary point of contact for ServiceNow
    • Providing one person to participate as needed in the governance and oversight process for ServiceNow
    • Obtaining training from a third-party vendor at agency's expense for basic user training and module fulfiller training

Expected Delivery

Acknowledgment Time The service team should acknowledge a service request within about 2-3 business days.
Turnaround Time The service team should be able to complete a well-defined service request within about a week.


Suggested For State agencies
Required For None
Spotlight Customers
  • N.C. Department of Commerce
  • N.C. Department of Health and Human Services
  • N.C. Department of Public Instruction
  • N.C. Department of Information Technology

Support Process Submit a ticket using the NCDIT Service Portal or contact the NCDIT Service Desk at 919-754-6000.
Service Support Hours
  • Support is available 24/7.
  • Request response times for non-incidents are within 5 business days. 
Service Availability The service is available 24/7, excluding planned outages and maintenance windows.
Standard Maintenance Windows
  • Wednesdays: 6-8 p.m.
  • Thursday: 4-6 a.m.; 6-8 p.m.
  • Friday: 6-8 p.m.
  • Saturday: 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Sunday: 4 a.m. to noon
Service Communications
  • Changes or outages that might have an impact on customers are communicated through the NCDIT Communications Hub and Agency Change Advisory Board. 
  • The agency's admin for this service will support communications to the agency users of the service..
Service Level Agreements IT Service Management Service Level Agreement

  • Approved rates for this service are published in the NCDIT Rate Schedule.
  • Additional costs could include obtaining training from a third-party vendor at agency's expense for basic user training and module fulfiller training.

View NCDIT Rate Schedule

Incident Management

ServiceNow's Incident Management module enhances employees' productivity and job satisfaction by ensuring they can easily contact customer support to resolve issues quickly and restore services.

  • Single system of record – provides a better understanding of incidents and other elements of ServiceNow
  • Omni-channel notifications – enables employees to submit incidents through a self‑service portal, email or by contacting a live agent
  • AI-powered insight – automatically categorizes and assigns incidents to enable fast prioritization and resolution based on historical data patterns combined with brief user input
  • Calculated priority – helps you easily prioritize work by focusing on incidents based on impact and urgency
  • Single-pane agent view – gives all the information agents need in one place 
  • Visual task boards – makes team collaboration quick and easy with intuitive, Kanban‑style boards
  • Creates a more satisfying user experience due to the system's intuitive self-service portal and two-way communication
  • Boosts employee productivity by using a single platform for IT to connect the right agents to collaborate and manage processes

Request Management

ServiceNow's Request Management module makes it effortless for employees to request the products and services they need. Users simply access a single portal that displays an intuitive interface to handle basic questions and complex requests. The system understands natural human language, which makes it easy to get status updates at any time and through any device. 

  • Unified service center – request services all in one place
  • Quick and easy approvals – expedite request processes and minimize approval delays by using email or the native interface
  • Two-way notifications – expedite the mean time to resolution with automatic notifications
  • Service level agreements – check, follow and understand all the service level agreements for requested services to ensure that commitments are met
  • Reports and dashboards – measure service levels and drive continual improvement with built-in metrics and surveys 
  • Convenient for users – delivers a 24/7 personalized experience on the device or channel of their choice
  • Improved productivity – resolves common issues via AI, automation and self-service, freeing your IT staff to focus on complex requests
  • Boosts satisfaction – keeps employees and customers up to date with status updates and notifications

Change Management

Available with the advanced service offering, ServiceNow's Change Management module helps reduce and remove roadblocks and inefficiencies throughout the change process.

  • Single system of record
  • Multimodal change templates
  • Change approval policies
  • Risk intelligence
  • Built-in risk assessment and calculation
  • Conflict scheduling
  • Manage concurrent change
  • Change Advisory Board Workbench
  • Risk conflict detection
  • Visualize change impact
  • Multimodal change models can be tailored to change activities.
  • Leverage automated change frameworks to optimize collaboration between IT and DevOps and accelerate changes.
  • The Change Advisory Board Workbench enables you to integrate change processes across IT with a single, auditable repository of all planned changes.

Knowledge Management

Available with the advanced service offering, ServiceNow's Knowledge Management module increases business efficiency by enabling easy knowledge sharing and collaboration.

  • Feedback management – provide proactive feedback with customers and internal users through a closed-loop process
  • In-context creation – develop knowledge articles while managing cases or incidents
  • Knowledge harvesting – convert solutions discussed in community conversations into knowledge articles
  • Knowledge blocks – reduce redundancy and improve productivity by creating reusable knowledge article content blocks
  • Group ownership – assign articles to teams for managing feedback and maintenance to improve quality and timeliness
  • Translation management – identify missing translations, assign tasks automatically and integrate with third-party tools
  • AI search – get relevant, personalized results through a powerful, consumer-grade search experience
  • Subscriptions – get notified about new or modified content by subscribing to articles and knowledge bases
  • Analytics and dashboards – fine‑tune content and processes by monitoring knowledge use, timelines, aging, feedback and gaps
  • Increases self-service and user satisfaction by providing customers and employees with consistent, proven resolutions
  • Empowers agents to create articles and publish community solutions to share knowledge
  • Supports continuous improvement by identifying knowledge gaps, curating new content, tracking usage, governance and quality trends

Training & Help 

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