N.C. Identity Management (NCID)

Strong information security requires organizations to establish tight access control to their systems and applications.

N.C. Identity Management, commonly referred to as NCID, is the state’s primary solution for access control and identity management. NCID provisions authentication and authorization for all individuals through a unified platform for managing system and application access. This is vital to the success of conducting business and delivering services for the public. 

With your organization using NCID, you can feel confident in allowing state and local governments, businesses and individuals to securely log in to customer-based applications, retrieve information and access other state-owned real-time resources.

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Getting Help

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NCDIT Service Desk: 919-754-6000
Support Hours 24/7
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  • The fault-tolerant system has redundant failover and disaster recovery capabilities.
  • Flexible integration options enable agencies to provide a tailored and dynamic user experience.
  • Authorization and ID management are delivered through a simplified user interface.
  • Mobile-friendly experience with streamlined layout.
  • User-specific screens show content based on authorization.
  • Business and individual users securely create their own accounts through a self-registration process. 
  • Users get an email with an activation URL to easily complete registration.
  • Account password and login security is delivered through convenient and secure self-administration capabilities. 
  • Accounts automatically lock after repeated failed attempts and are unlocked through challenge questions or temporary codes sent to the account holder’s mobile number.
  • The NCID Administration Portal enables your agency to serve as the first tier of support for staff and NCID account holders. 
    • NCID administrators can create accounts for employees in their organization, division or section.
    • NCID administrators and service desk agents can create and manage user accounts (e.g., reset a password, unlock an account). Online forms have a search feature to look up user accounts.
    • NCID administrators grant user access to applications with role assignments versus a group membership model. 
    • NCID administrators can deactivate and reactivate users within a section of the organization to model organizational structures. 

For additional details, see the Technical Information section on this page.


  • Improved security through managed and compliant policy enforcement
  • Simplified administration by providing a single view of the user
  • Improved collaboration with internal and external entities
  • Reduced total cost of ownership through task automation

Request Process

To request this service, or for more information, submit a ticket using the NCDIT Service Portal.


  • Service requests that incur a cost to the agency will typically require approval from the requesting agency’s CIO, financial officer or manager, depending upon your agency's requirements. 
  • Any staff with access to the NCDIT Service Portal may engage the team for support or information.
  • Approval is also required if NCID will not be used for a technical reason.

Requirements & Customer Responsibility

Required NCDIT Services None
Other Technical Requirements & Prerequisites None
Customer Responsibility Not available

Expected Delivery

Acknowledgment Time The service team should acknowledge a service request within about 24 hours.
Turnaround Time
  • The service team should be able to complete a well-defined service request within 2-3 business days after the request is reviewed.
  • Procurement and licensing steps required before the delivery of services may extend the timeline.  


Suggested For Any state or local government agency as well as educational institutions
Required For North Carolina state agencies
Spotlight Customers
  • N.C. Department of Health and Human Services
  • N.C. Department of Transportation
  • N.C. Department of Revenue

Support Process
Service Support Hours Support for the service is available 24/7.
Service Availability The service is available 24/7, excluding planned outages and maintenance windows.
Standard Maintenance Windows
  • Thursdays: 4-7 a.m.
  • Sundays: 12-4 a.m.
Service Communications
  • Changes or outages that might have an impact on customers are communicated through the NCDIT Communications Hub and Agency Change Advisory Board. 
  • The agency's admin for this service will support communications to the agency users of the service.
Service Level Agreements

Approved rates for this service are published in the NCDIT Rate Schedule.
View NCDIT Rate Schedule

NCID is an efficient and effective enterprise tool that secures access to online services. You can leverage the service to:

  • Manage user accounts
  • Verify the identity of individual users
  • Assign appropriate access to online resources
  • Delegate authority and distribute administrative tasks
  • Automate certain key functions

Additional Features

Feature Details
System Versatility
  • Fault-tolerant system with redundant warm failover and disaster recovery
  • Flexible integration, available for dynamic user content
  • Development environment with strict change controls
  • 24x7 support for password unlocks in the NCID pre-production and production environments
Authorization & ID Management
  • Consistent ID management user interface
  • Common user ID and passwords
  • Secure central authentication and authorization solution
  • Central, delegated ID management
  • Central repository of IDs and authentication policies
  • Central auditing repository for ID management and coarse grain authorization
  • Customer-provided fine grain authorization, if required
  • Flexible authentication and authorization rules
  • Application-level authentication, when required
  • Removal of the burden of authentication from the application owner
  • Maintenance of existing application ID management, authentication and authorization
  • Self-registration and password recovery
Secure Account Creation
  • Authorized administrators create accounts for state and local government employees in their organization, division or section. Users do not self-register.
  • Business and individual users create their own accounts through self-registration. Users get an email with an activation URL to complete registration.
  • An email is required for all account types (state, local, business and individual).
  • User IDs have six to 20 characters (longer IDs are shortened to 20 characters).
  • Local government employees who do not have an authorized administrator to create their accounts can request a new account if one does not exist.
Enhanced Administrator Features
  • Application administrators grant user access to applications with role assignments, not group membership.
  • Section authorized administrators can deactivate and reactivate users.
  • State government employee accounts can be transferred between agencies.
  • Authorized administrators for their division or section get user data in a CSV file, which they can sort and extract specific user information.
Efficient Workflow Process & Search Features
  • NCID is process-driven. Administrators and service desk agents manage user accounts via process request forms for each action performed (e.g., reset a password, unlock an account). Each form has a search feature to look up user accounts.
  • Single and multiple field searches can be performed with fields for first name, last name, user ID, email address and BEACON number.
Password & Login Security
  • Passwords are case sensitive and must be entered exactly as originally created.
  • Accounts are locked after three wrong password entries or answers to challenge questions.
  • A tooltip verifies that new passwords meet the state password policy.
  • Authorized administrators can reset passwords and create temporary passwords for their users.
  • Applications using the NCID login screen send users directly to the application. They no longer display a “continue” button.
Convenient & Secure Self-Service Tools
  • Users can view their administrators' contact information.
  • When managing challenge questions and responses, users must select and answer five new questions. Previous questions and responses are not shown.
  • Individual and business account holders can recover lost user IDs.
Mobile-Friendly Experience
  • Clean interface with organized screens
  • User-specific screens that show content based on user authorization 
  • Screens that recognize mobile device use and adjust how content is displayed
  • Common login look and feel

Training & Help 

NCID End-User Support

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